A very important part of the cultural heritage of Lefkada is its traditional products.

The production of high-quality agricultural products such as olive oil, wine, citrus, honey and almonds are of particular importance to the Lefkadian economy.

The wine produced by the rare variety of "Verzami" or barzamino, apparently brought by the Venetians in 1684, is a trademark of the island. It is still partially cultivated to Lefkada mountain, in sandy lime soils. The wine is red with a deep, deep color rich in tannins.

Salami is one of the most representative products of Lefkada. The patent is considered Italian and is presumed to have been transferred from the residents of Burano of Italy who moved to Lefkada and were the first to produce it.

The mountainous area of ​​Lefkada is known for the unique variety of lentils in Greece, the famous lentils. The famous lentils of Egluvs are cultivated on the plateau of Egluvs of the prefecture of Lefkada, at an altitude of 950m. It is a product with excellent flavor and boiling characteristics. Enclaved growers have never been allowed to implement herbicide interventions with pesticides. Weed killing is done by hand, which makes the cultivation of lentils difficult, but at the same time makes it very organic.

Fish and seafood in general are also of high quality, coming from the surrounding bays and the Ionian Sea, most of the time with traditional fishing methods.

The roe deer known throughout the world for its wonderful taste and beneficial properties is a local product of high quality and nutritional value. It is considered the Greek caviar, it is delicious and very dear to the Greeks and the European, American and Japanese chefs.

Various sweets such as mandalos, pasteli (sweet honey and sesame seeds), the traditional Lefkadian oilpot, liqueurs such as rosemary, peppermint, rose, peppermint, as well as "sumaya" (bitter almond beverage) are some of the traditional sweet products of the island.

The embroidery of Karia, with a special embroidery technique that is not found in any other region of Greece, is famous. The Karya embroidery, the well-known "Karsan Stitch" is a embroidery technique completely different from any other stitch in Greece and beyond. It is the conception and creation of the women of Karia where she took her name.