The Monastery of Panagia(Virgin Mary) Faneromeni, protector saint of Lefkada, is situated in the west of Lefkas town, in a beautiful spot with panoramic view towards the town.



The icon of Panagia is miraculous. It was painted in 1876 by the monk Veniamin Kondrakis who lived on the Holy Mountain.


In the Antiquity there was the temple of godess Artemis on the Monastery’ s current location.

The Monastery of Asomatos Archangel Michael is situated in the south of Vafkeri village. It has interesting murals brobably from the end of the 17th or the beginning of the 18th century.

Agios(St) Ioannis in the Valley.



It was founded in 1606. On its walls there are white-washed murals of the 18th century( Central Greek style) which used to cover the surface of the walls. The chancel screen was constructed later.


Agios(St) Georgios in Bissa. It is near the village of Marantohori. It has white-washed murals and a small wooden chancel screen.

Red Church.



It is in the south of the Alexandros village. It was firstly established in 1478. On its chancel screen there are interesting unknown icons.

Agios(St) Georgios on Skarous, near the village of Alexandros. It was established in 1611. It has interesting murals from the beginning of the 17th century.Agios(St) Nikolaos in Nira. It is in the south of Lefkada, very close to the Lefkatas Cape. It was established at the beginning of the 17th century.

Agios(St) Ioannis in Rodaki. The main church is built on the ruins of the ancient temple of godess Dimitra. Materials from this ancient temple were used for the church. The first christian church was established in 1654.

The cells of the Holly Fathers are rooted for centuries in a rocky land, 5 km over Nikiana to Alexandros, inside a cave near the area of Skaros. It is one of the oldest Christian monuments of the island.Religious sources mention that in this place 3 Holly Fathers who arrived to the island after the A Ecumenical Synod to Nice of Bithynia in 325 a.c, took monastic vows, found a shelter in the cave and preached Hevangelion until the end of their lives. In a cave nearby, you will meet their graves and the small church of the Hermitage, built to their honor.

The church of Aghios Donatos, up to the village of Egklouvis, in an altitude of 900 meters, was first dedicated to Agios Dometios.


The locals, influenced from the homonym place after its renovation, dedicated it in the memory of Agios Donatos, who was the Bishop of Lefkada in 284 a.c. It is said that he fell off a high tower during the Christian’s persecutions. The ruins of this tower are preserved near the church, which celebrates on the 7th of August