Two of the greatest Greek poets, Aristotelis Valaoritis and Aggelos Sikelianos, were born in Lefkada and lauded their land. Important artists who excelled in Greece and abroad, were born and raised in Lefkada.

280px-Ioannis_ZambeliosIoannis Zambelios (1787-1856)
Having studied in Italy and Paris (law,literature,philosophy) he returned to Lefkas,was appointed as Ionian Island State prosector, joined the `Filiki Etaireia` and dedicated himself to national liberation becoming one of leading memberss of that organization from Lefkada. He wrote 12 tragedies about the Greek situation.

10Spyridon-ZampeliosSpyridonas Zambelios (1813-1881)
Son of Ioannis Zambelios.An historian whose most important work is ‘Byzantine Studies’ (1857), in which he attempted to demonstrate the unity of the Byzantine State.He was also a renowned author of novels.

200px-ValaoritisAristotelis Valaoritis (1824-1879)
His poetry echoes with his love for his homeland, freedom and his admiration for the liberation fighters in the Greek Revolution of 1821.He represented Lefkada for many years in the Ionian Parliament where he struggled for unification with Greece from within the radical lines.When this dream came true he was electedto the national parliament.

LafcadioHearn1Lefcadio Hearn (aka Yakumo Koizumi) (1850-1904)
The author who made Japan and its culture known to the West. He is considered to be one of Japan’s national writers.

180px-SikelianosAngelos Sikelianos (1884-1952)
Poet and leading light behind the Delphic Idea.This visionary poet combined ancient Greek and Christian ideas in his poetry and in the process managed to make it resonate on a universal level.

6kleareti Dipla MalamouKleareti Dipla-Malamou
Poetess and prose writer, the first Greek woman to be awarded a prize by the Athens Academy.

9Nikos-SvoronosNikos Svoronos (1911-1989)
Internationally acclaimed Byzantine Studies expert and leading scholar of Modern Greek history.

Aristoxenus Skiadas (1932-1994)
Internationally acclaimed Classical Literatue Professor and Vice Chancellor of the University of Athens.

8Nikos-KatiforisNikos Katiforis (1903-1967).
Prose writer, playwright and for many years contributor to the Rizospastis newpaper.

4Gerasimos-GrigorisGerasimos Grigoris (1907-1985).
Award-winning author with two state literature prizes in 1958 and 1963.

11Theodoros-StamosTheodoros Stamos (1922-1997).
Painter with an international reputation, innovator of abstract expressionism.